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Frequent Questions 

Q: Why did I receive a bill? I thought insurance paid for my transport?

A: Though insurance will pay for most of or all of the transport, there are occasions when a balance is owed after insurance has paid their portion of the bill. This is due to a deductible you may have, or sometimes the service is not covered by insurance. Please contact your insurance company for further information and or see our "Billing" page for options to pay the balance. 

Q: Why did I receive two bills? 

A: Make sure you are checking your bill and the company, department, or city that is billing you, if you took and ambulance to the hospital, for example you called 911. Then an ambulance company transported you home or to a facility, you may have two bills. 

Q: I need to go to the doctor but I was told my Ambulance trip would not be covered by insurance?

A: Riding by ambulance comes with regulations set forth by Medicare, Certain types of transports, or Patients that do not meet medical necessity or are requesting for a service not covered, will not qualify for transport via billing insurance. These Trips would have to be billed directly to the patient. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this and we will be happy to help you navigate your options. 

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